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Shootings (After Francisco de Goya)

Han Gene Paik

plastic dolls, plaster, vitrine, computer, microcontroller, custom circuitry and software

Here presented are the world's most unintelligent robots; your beloved brothers and sisters, the timid body and soul. They shoot, scream and cripple being simply obedient to the script I wrote. In reality, however, the automata fail to follow the script due to their faulty consciousness, which only means they are obviously more intelligent than the creator. The more complicated the script becomes, the more likely they suffer from being wise. And yet, all of this hardly matters as long as the audience is unaware of how deceptive the whole scene is.

Han Gene Paik is an artist who resides and works in NYC. He is currently working with optics, pixels, pornography, and computing machines for his next project on obscene devices. His work was recently shown at the Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

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