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Some comments from ArtBots 2005

The back of the ArtBots 2005 ballot said: "How did you like the show?" Below is a selection of the answers we got. Not included are many one word responses like "great", "fantastic", "wonderful", etc. Many of the answers were scrawled by little kids and have been edited for clarity.

Hysterical! I was amazed by everything I saw and I got some great video footage I can use in New Media Projects. Thanks!

Really enjoyed it, very different, interesting.

I would give it five stars.

Impressed and thrilled. Super!

Excellent - what I would have given to be taught & seen these things growing up -- Never too late though & thank you for bringing to Ireland. Will visit Glasgow & see more of Rag-n-bone Man.

We are are from NYC and stumbled onto the show in pursuit of the usual tourist objective. What a treat! Hooray for Dublin for hosting this.

It was really cool. Very fun & inventive, re-cycling and creative. Liked it ALOT. Thanks.

I found it interesting, visual and enjoyed the opportunity to take part with the 'hands' on robots such as 'touch me, 'nervous', & 'outerspace'. Some of the technology was beyond me but didn't deter from my enjoyment of the show -- well done.

Very interesting, different.

It was amazing how they made each robot.


Excellent -- very interesting & food for thought!

Great! The best in Dublin. I have just arrived here, and it was much more interesting than the old buildings!

Innovative -- excellent. Thanks.

A brilliant work in progress before your eyes. A collection of fantastic machinations from the ridiculously complicated to the simply sublime. Well done!

Excellent display of interesting robots.

I thought it was most of the innovative, exciting and freshest shows in dublin. Perhaps a little out there but very exciting.

Excellent! Really active with some wondrous applications of sound, energy & movement. Thanks.

I thought it was exciting and very clever.

Lots of cool things. Very entertaining!

It was really cool!

I liked it! It was very exciting!

It was cool and awesome.

Very strange but interesting curiously. Happy to have been there.

It was awesome.

Lots of fun! I love the things that you can touch.

Absolutely amazing.

Strangest place I've been in a long time.

Very very interesting and completely fascinating. We absolutely loved it! Thanks a lot and good luck. PS felt sorry for the cockroach, but a great idea.

Incredibly good.

Loved the show. R, aged 5.

It was very peaceful.

Best exhibition in ages.

Thought this was the best exhibition I've seen in a long long while.

Fantastic & so much fun. Really kept me smiling the whole time. You clever people!

V. Much. Should be a permanent show with additions & creative workshops all year!

Some of the robots were weird but I liked it.

Heartwarming. I loved it.




Fantastic! Very strange...

Great workshops!

It was bizarre (frankly speaking), but now I feel good and I understand good education system of Ireland! Excellent!

I thought it was brilliant.

Terrific. Creative, clever, & made me think about relationship between soul & machine.

It's gorgeous!

Excellent -- lots of really smart/fun/intriguing/beautiful robot things. It was very hard to pick my favorite.

Show is great. It's amazing what you can do with lots of things together.

Superb! Extremely pleasantly surprised, very impressive.


It was strange and bizarre, but funny and quite interesting.

It was fantastic.

Spectacular! English language has not invented words to describe it.

Amazing perfecto!


Absolutely fantastic! Why only on for 3 days? It should be here for a week at least.

Great! I love the fact that the artists are all present. Very accessible.

Great! The human interaction and artist development for each piece is what makes it beautiful.

This will rank in my top ten favorite activities while visiting Ireland. Great projects!

Exciting & excellent.

Impossibly great!

Amazing, sometimes cruel.

It was very good, and i had a hard time choosing the best robot.

Really interesting/diverse.

It was cool and interesting.

Very good. Hope I see it next year.

Thought it was very imaginative & mind enlightening. The art & robotics mix opens up a new dimension.

Crazy & interesting things! Very nice!

Excellent fun!!!

This is a great show -- more please!

This was awesome! Never seen anything like it before.

Loved it!

Really enjoyed it but I got slapped!

Good (heard about it on the radio Saturday AM).

Quite good!

Great stuff!

More than I can write!

Very good -- all robots were brilliant.

Very enjoyable -- very generous artists willing to share information.

I enjoyed it a lot. Great. they should have it annually if it's not already.

Very well, thank you. Touching & feeling is good.

Adored it -- beautiful and fun and interactive.


Rock N Roll

Simply marvelous

Wonderful idea. Shows how technology has infused itself into our lives. Now we even have art infused with it!

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