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60 minutes bot Workshop

Ralf Schreiber & Tina Tonagel
solarpanels, different electronic components, small motors, wire

Hands on Workshop for around 100 participants

For the ARTBOTS Festival we offer practical solar robot workshops. Anyone between the age of 10 to 99 (children with parental help) can build and design their own unique small solar robot. Electronic know-how is not required. The basic circuit is the well-known SUNEATER by Mark Tilden. The workshop starts every 90 mins with 8 participants. We use small special PCB boards, so the circuit can be soldered very quickly! We provide different motors, solar panels and various electronic components. For individual design and look we also provide lots of different materials like: shiny paper, coloured tape, wire, springs, feathers, pearls, hot glue, alufoil, plastic capsules etc. The goal is that after 60 minutes every bot is finished, works fine and looks unique. At the end of the workshop, the participants can take the self-built solar robot home. Every bot will be documented by a photo and exhibited during the show. We hope that during the three days around 100 bots can be built!

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Tina Tonagel ???


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Mark Tilden and the BEAM community

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