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Peter O'Kennedy
Fibreglass, timber, paint, motors, running gear, batteries...

A multiple of small identical objects jostle each other to gain access to a path just wide enough for one. Unfortunately, after managing to break free, the one which gets away from the pack is simply beginning a blind, swooping journey that will ultimately just re-deposit it at the back of the pack.

Peter O'Kennedy is Irish, he currently lives in Dublin, and he has shown his work in Ireland, The US, France, Italy and Argentina. "My work is most often concept-driven and is realised in the form suggested to me by the idea. To date I have made static and kinetic sculpture, installations and video works. My aim is to produce conceptually clean and simple work which engages and communicates with its audience. I consider the work to have been successful if it connects with its audience at an emotional level. In broad terms my work continues to be an exploration of the tension resulting from struggle, striving and purposefulness in the face of the randomness and brevity of life."

email: peterokennedy at eircom dot net

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