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Shockbot Corejulio

Christian Gützer & Emanuel Andel
Aluminium, Electronics

Without human interaction two Machines create "art" by manipulating each other. A robot that forces a computer to produce autonomously images that are unpredictable. The Computer sends control-signals to the robot and therefor the robot moves to a random point in the computer hardware and by contact creates a short-circuit. The inflicted short circuit creates information that has to be reinterpreted by the computer and leads to a visual output. This manipulation forces the PC to overcome its rigid system and to produce autonomously pictures.

This analog intervention on the digital architecture of the robot creates a deconstructed information flow that takes effect by manipulating the computer system. By this unconventionel access the hardware creates signals that merge together to produce abstract images that can be viewed on an attached monitor.

With increased damage of the computer the control-signals get impaired affecting the correct function of the shock-bot and finally leading to a complete system crash.

Christian Gützer was born on the 18. July 1977 in Waidhofen/Ybbs and studies media/digital arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2001.
Ulrich Emanuel Andel is born on the 13. November 1979 in Vienna. He finished his A Level 1999 at the "Higher Graphical School" in Vienna. Since 2001 he studies media/digital arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


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