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ArtBots T-shirt Design

Eliza Gauger

Each year ArtBots commissions a young artist to design a new logo for the ArtBots promotional materials. This year we are very proud to present the work of Eliza Gauger, a Bay Area artist and illustrator.

Eliza Gauger hails from the wilds of the Oort Cloud, currently docking at Orbital Station 1V, where she has a three-room studio and her own coin-operated boy. She has been described by her enemies as a "mercenary artist", is currently worth several thousand dollars to the right people, and not necessarily in one piece. One of these people is John Brownlee, with whom Gauger runs through some unholy mixture of animosity and fellowship. Other projects include laborious journalistic stints at, Wired Blogs,, and work as an illustrator for various RPG properties. After quitting RPGs forever, swearing dire oaths against ever picking up a .3 for the sake of goblin armies again, Gauger was seduced into art direction and illustration for Unhallowed Metropolis, a work of ingenious horror. She is currently missing her deadlines for the second book in that franchise (which deals with spoooooooky ghosts), as well as several other private oil painting commissions, a children's book collaboration with her most hated nemesis, a collection of one-off comic stories tentatively titled THE FUTURE IS STUPID, and a serious graphic novel about the inescapable natural process of everything in the world getting much worse, all the time. She is pleased to be given the opportunity to bring her sweet robot stylings to the ArtBots festival, and looks forward to the free t-shirts.

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