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Ray Lee

In celebration of the opening of ArtBots 2008 Dublin, internationally acclaimed sound artist Ray Lee will present his exciting new performance installation, "Forcefield". By interacting with the electromagnetic "force field" that surrounds the theremin, Lee activates and controls a series of kinetic sound machines, creating music and movement from the ether. Somewhere between a Victorian illusion, a performance of electronic music and a scientific demonstration, Force Field is an exploration of invisible forces made tangible, audible and physical. This new work follows on from his highly successful installation performance "Siren", which was featured at Kinetica Museum, the British Council International Showcase in Edinburgh and at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.

Ray Lee is an artist, composer and performer who makes music that moves. He has made sound performances and installations for the past twenty years.

His work investigates his fascination with the hidden world of electromagnetic radiation and in particular how sound can be used as evidence of invisible phenomena. He is interested in the way science and philosophy represent the universe and his work questions the orthodoxies that emerge and submerge according to currently fashionable trends.

He creates spinning, whirling and pendulous sound installations/performances that explore 'circles of ether', the invisible forces that surround us. He works towards making live music an intensely visual experience for the audience.


Kinetic Museum

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