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Chris Kaczmarek
wood, steel, electronic components, eggshells

This piece consists of four separate solar circuits that store energy and trigger motors in an arrhythmic sequence which is regulated both by the amount of light in the room and by variances in the individual circuits. The spasmodic movement of the motors causes pairs of empty eggshell halves to tap against one another, producing a surprisingly amplified sound. The contrast between the expected fragility and evident strength of these symbolic elements leaves the viewer with both surprise and uncertainty. The eggshells reference the seed of life directly, while at the same time alluding to the seed of life on this planet, the sun, and the balance between fragility and strength in our seemingly permanent world. Placed in an environment with variable lighting, the changing frequency of the percussion becomes an audible reminder of the often overlooked and ever changing energy that surrounds us.

Chris Kaczmarek is a New York based artist whose work spans both traditional and experimental sculptural practices through a broad variety of mediums. His sculptural installations are often interactive and designed to guide the viewer towards a deeper contemplation about the environment that the viewer inhabits, and the passive and active role the viewer plays in that interaction. Other works include sound scores for the stage, multi channel videos and hand made electronic instruments. He has received an MFA in Sculpture and an MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History from Purchase College where he is also currently an adjunct instructor.

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