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The 2008 ArtBots show has been made possible by generous support from:

Science Gallery at Trinity College

Science Gallery is a new public science centre located in the heart of Dublin city. A place where ideas meet, the Gallery will bring together people with diverse interests and backgrounds including creative thinkers and young innovators, to connect, explore, create, debate and share ideas on science, technology and the arts, opening up these fields to new audiences.

Science Gallery consists of a 144-seater multimedia theatre, studios, café and stunning open gallery space, providing an ideal location for new emerging creative talent to be discovered through a programme of changing exhibitions, events and workshops.

With a target audience of 15 year olds up and an emphasis on creating a collaborative community, Science Gallery, which launched in February 2008 with LIGHTWAVE, a nine-day festival exploring the art and science of controlling light already has over 2000 members.

The Columbia University Computer Music Center

The Computer Music Center at Columbia University is an innovative and exciting music and arts technology facility with a long history of creative excellence. The center is housed in two separate facilities: one in Dodge Hall on the main Columbia campus and another, larger facility in Prentis Hall on 125th st.

There are many opportunities for involvement in CMC activities. Students, researchers and creative artists working at the Center come from many different divisions within Columbia University. The primary mission of the CMC is to operate at the intersection of musical expression and technological development, and as a result the Center has become involved in a broad range of interesting projects. The CMC has also produced events aimed at reaching out to a wider community, both locally in New York and globally in a number of different international venues.

The CMC's classes are open to qualified undergraduate and graduate students in all departments of the University. In addition, a number of guest composers and researchers have come to the CMC from all over the world to take advantage of our unique expertise and facilities.

Please contact us (artbots at artbots dot org) if you'd like to contribute in some way.

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