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ArtBots Gent, the Robot Talent Show 2011

Robots are always with us, in one form or another. Humans have always been fascinated by robots and even after many years of evolution and high tech ingenuity, a veil of mystery still surrounds them. Within the context of contemporary art we can try to understand the real impact of robots on our society better.

Artbots is an international art exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots. The first show took place in 2002 in Brooklyn, and has since travelled around the world. For every edition an open call for applications is published to invite designers from all over the world to present their work. This year the show is organised by timelab Gent, in cooperation with ArtBots US, Ugent and Foam. With Artbots 2011, timelab launches a new season of workshops centered around Robotics Art.

Using robotics as a medium, today's artists have an unprecedented opportunity to design and express new kinds of emotion, perception, and consciousness. They now have the opportunity to add 'behaviour' to their work and are therefore creating a new aesthetic. The object is aware of it's surroundings and we can clearly see an interactive communication. The artwork puts our existing assumptions and values to the test.

ArtBots 2011 will feature the work of 10 international artists, alongside a presentation by Lirec, an international research organisation exploring how we live with digital and interactive companions.

The ArtBots 2011 Gent participants are: The Voice Extruder with Ranjit Bhatnagar (USA), Noisolation Headphones with Alex Braidwood (USA), Jurema Action Plant with Ivan Henriques (BR), Emoti-Bots with Katie Koepfinger and Burcum Turkmen (USA), Unrund with Korinna Lindinger (AT), Korn with Logos (B), Acquired Knowledge with Alexander Reben, SADbot with Dustyn Roberts and Ben Leduc Mills (USA), Steadystate V2 with Shahar Zaks (USA).

Special guest installation by IPEM/Pieter Coussement : "SoundField".

The full LOGOS M&M Robot Orchestra(48 automated acoustic instruments, ranging from organs and percussion to woodwind, brass, invented instruments and a prototype cello) will perform a special Artbots 2011 Concert at the Logos Tetrahedron concert hall: Bomastraat 26-28, 9000 GENT.
On Saturday 8 Ocotober, start at 20:00, entrance is free.

Designer Topo (B) created the 2011 ArtBots t-shirt design.

The ArtBots 2011 Gent curators are: Douglas Repetto (USA - Columbia University Computer Music Center), Nik Gaffney(B - foAm/Lirec), and Kurt Van Houtte (B - timelab).


ArtBots 2011 Gent Participants


Opening night: 6 October 2011 (19:00 - 21:00)
Show open : 7-9 October 2011 (10:00 - 18:00)
M&M concert: 8 October at 20:00

Artbots is Free and open to the public

Location: UFO Building Ghent University, Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 35, Gent 9000


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