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Jurema Action Plant

an interactive bio-machine by Ivan Henriques

Jurema Action Plant aims to empower plants by enabling them to use similar technologies as humans use. It is also explores new ways of communication and co-relation between humans, living organism and a machine. The Jurema Action Plant responds to human touch and you can't help but wonder if it has feelings, memory, consciousness?

Ivan Henriques is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher working in multimedia installations examining different perceptions of time, memory and environment. He create in his works exploring hybrids of nature and (technological) culture creating new forms of communication between humans and other living organisms. Ivan won several prizes for his work, among them for Jurema Action Plant and EME (Estúdio M óvel Experimental) - Experimental Mobile Studio from 2008 till 2010, a project selected and funded by the Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and Conexões Artes Visuais, Brazil. Lately he exhibited his works internationally, participating in festivals, residencies, talks and exhibitions. Recently he finished his MA in ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Arts and Royal Conservatoire of Music, The Hague/NL.

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