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PLEASE NOTE: This is information about the 2002 ArtBots show.
For current ArtBots info, please see:

Rules and Procedures

ArtBots is a cross between a traditional talent show and a juried art exhibition. We have chosen this format so that many kinds of robots can participate. There are no firm rules that define what qualifies as an art-making robot; if you think it's a robot and you think that it's making art, then it's an art-making robot. However, since we have a limited amount of space and resources, we will select a fixed number of participating robots from the pool of entrants. (See Entering for more information on how to enter your robot in the talent show.)

Set Up/Inspection

The ArtBots event will take place on a Saturday. All teams will be required to set up and demonstrate their robot on the Friday evening before the event. This is to ensure that all robots are functional and safe. All robots must be set up and inspected on Friday evening.


Each team will be given a section of floor/wall space (exact size TBA) in which to present their robot. If a robot is too large/complex/dangerous to operate in the given space then a video of the robot in action may be displayed. In addition to individual spaces there will also be a main stage on which performing robots can perform. Each robot team can sign up for one fifteen minute time slot on the main stage.

The event will take place during the day on Saturday; the audience will be free to circulate through the space at will. At least one member of each team is required to stay with its robot at all times during the event. If practical, robots should remain accessible and active throughout the entire event. Performing robots should have some way of demonstrating their abilities even when they are not on the stage.

Judging and Prizes

Two prizes will be awarded: Audience Favorite and Robots' Favorite. As the audience enters the space they will be given Audience Favorite paper ballots which they can mark to cast a vote for their favorite robot. The ballots will be collected as people leave the space.

Each team will be given a Robots' Favorite ballot, which they will use to vote for their favorite robot; teams can not vote for their own robot. These ballots will be collected from each team at the end of the event.

Ballots for the Audience Favorite and Robots' Favorite prizes will be counted at the end of the event, and the results will be announced and prizes will be awarded at the after party. The nature of the prizes given will depend on the level of sponsorship we attain; at the least, the winners will be able to claim that their robot won a prize in a robot talent show!

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