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ArtBots 2008 Dublin

The 2008 ArtBots show took place September 19-21, 2008, at Science Gallery at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The show featured 15 works by 16 artists from 9 countries, as well as performances, workshops, lectures, and an awards ceremony. Participating works were selected from an international open call for "robotic art and art-making robots", and represent a broad and inclusive cross-section of the tremendous range of creative art and robotics activity.

The ArtBots 2008 Dublin participants were: Paula Matthusen (USA), Leo Peschta (Austria), Koichiro Mori (Japan), Matt Denton (UK), Yuliya Lanina (Russia/USA), Che-Wei Wang & Kristin O'Friel (Japan/USA), Matthew Gardiner (Australia), Ralf Baecker (Germany), Byeong Sam Jeon (Korea/USA), Peter Redmond (Ireland), Allison Kudla (USA), Jack Pavlik (USA), Joan Healy (Ireland), Christopher Kaczmarek (USA), and Riley Harmon (USA).

Sound artist Ray Lee (UK) helped celebrate the opening of the show on Friday with two presentations of "Forcefield", a kinetic sound machine performance. Metal fabricator/artisan Phillip Isohe (Kenya) created this year's Robots' Choice Award, and designer Eliza Gauger (USA) created the 2008 ArtBots t-shirt design. During the show members of the EU funded Living with Robots and Interactive Companions project led discussions with the artists and audience members.

The ArtBots 2008 Dublin curators were: Douglas Repetto (USA - Columbia University Computer Music Center), Marie Redmond (Ireland - Trinity College Computer Science), and Warren Ellis (UK - graphic novelist). ArtBots 2008 Dublin was sponsored by Science Gallery at Trinity College and The Columbia University Computer Music Center.


ArtBots is not meant to be a competition, but we do give out a couple of fun, casual awards in the talent show spirit. The winners this year are:

Audience Choice Award: Matt Denton -- iC hexapod
Robots' Choice Award: Leo Peschta -- der Zermesser

ArtBots 2008 Dublin Participants


Pics & video coming soon!!!


ArtBots 2008 Dublin was a joint production of Science Gallery at Trinity College, ArtBots, and The Columbia University Computer Music Center.

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