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ArtBots FAQs:

Q: Is ArtBots a robot competition like BattleBots, RobotWars, etc?
A: No. ArtBots is an art exhibition featuring robotic art and art-making robots. While ArtBots is not a competition, we do give out two awards at the end: the "Audience Choice Award" and the "Artists' Choice Award."

Q: Then why do you call it a talent show?
Q: We call it "ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show" because the robots demonstrate their talents during the show. However, it's not structured like a traditional talent show. It's really an art exhibition with a funny name.

Q: How many works will be in the show?
A: It's different for each show. The ArtBots 2008 Dublin show has 15 works by 16 artists from 9 countries.

Q: I'm not sure if my work qualifies for your show. What exactly are you looking for?
A: As the name of the show implies, we're looking for work that is some part art and some part robot. The meanings of "art" and "robot" are left open. Possible formats/media include objects, installations, sculpture, live performance, etc. If you're still not sure, the documentation of previous participants on should give you some idea of the kinds of work we're looking for. If in doubt, take a chance and send something in!

Q: Are the artists that participate in the show compensated in any manner?
A: This is different for each show. For the ArtBots 2008 Dublin show each participating artist/group will receive an artist's fee of 1000 Euro. This fee may be used in any way the artist/group desires. All costs, including transportation, shipping, lodging, etc. are the responsibility of the artist/group.

Q: When/Where will the next ArtBots take place?
A: October 7-9, at UFO Building Ghent University, Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 35, Gent, Belgium.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in ArtBots?
A: Anyone! ArtBots is an international art show, and has featured the work of artists from around the world. Unfortunately we're not in a position to offer anything in the way of support or accommodations for out-of-town participants, beyond the artist's fee described above.

Q: What's the point of ArtBots?
A: We started ArtBots because we wanted to have fun and to celebrate some of the creative, non-violent, and not-so-competitive aspects of robotics. People all over the world are making work that combines art and robotics and they're asking interesting, important questions about art, technology, creativity, responsibility, authorship, consciousness, and so on. ArtBots is our way of focusing attention on that work.

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