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About ArtBots

ArtBots is an international art exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots. For each show, we publish an open call for submissions, inviting artists from around the world to send us information about their work. We have no fixed definition of what qualifies for the show; if you think it's a robot and you think it's art, we encourage you to submit. The final list of participants is a mix of works selected from the open call submissions and additional artists invited by the ArtBots curators.

Every year the show is a bit different; the location changes and ArtBots director Douglas Repetto invites a new set of humans to co-curate the show with him. We hope that by changing the specifics of the show each year we can keep it accessible to a diverse range of people, works, and ideas.

Please see the ArtBots Archive for info on the shows we have produced.


ArtBots is a community effort, and many people have worked to make it a success over the years, including:

ArtBots Director: Douglas Repetto
ArtBots Curators: Douglas Repetto, Warren Ellis (2008), Marie Redmond (2005, 2008), Michael John Gorman (2005),
Mark Tribe (2004), Mary Flanagan (2004), Philip Galanter (2002, 2003), Jenny Lee (2003)
Executive Producers: The Columbia University Computer Music Center (2002-2008), the Trinity College Science Gallery (2008), The Ark (2005),
The Columbia University Digital Media Center (2004)
Science Gallery Producer: Elizabeth Allen (2008)
The Ark Producer: Michael John Gorman (2005)
EYEBEAM Producers: Andrea Harner and Jonah Peretti (2003)
Pratt Institute Producer: Stephen Turbek (2002)
Technical Director: Terrence Pender (2004, 2005)
Production Managers: Halsey Rodman (2004), Isami Ching (2004), Mark McNamara (2003)
Ballot Counter:: Roger Luke DuBios (2003, 2004)
New York RSA: Eric Singer, James Powderly (2002)
Website Design: Liz Mills (2002)
Promotional Design: Kate Chapman (2003), Joel Fox (2004), Mary Flanagan (2004), The Monster Factory (2005), Eliza Gauger (2008)
ArtBots Theme Song: Christopher Bailey (2002)
ArtBots Editorial Dept.: Amy Charlotte Benson (2002-2008)
And innumerable volunteers!

All materials on this website copyright 2000-2022 douglas irving repetto and the individual artists.